Jnanagni brings to you right from the streets, a louder and larger than life exchange of ideologies with drama full of drums, catchy songs, humour, energy, emotions and the roar of audience. Nukkad Natak as a form of communication is deeply rooted in the Indian tradition. It breaths the formal barriers and approaches the people directly in order to bring upon change for the good. This Jnanagni come and convey a social or political message in an entertaining environment and move the junta dumbstruck giving inspiring performances. So get along and HALLA BOL! Judgement:- Judgement will be based solely on the performance, flexibility and obviously the message which the drama contains.


  • One team can have a maximum of 20 members.
  • Language used can be Hindi or English.
  • Script should be original/self-written and should not be copied. If found guilty, would result in disqualification of the team.
  • Vulgarity is strictly prohibited.
  • Any electronic device or recorded music is not allowed.
  • Negative points for exceeding the time limit.
  • Only household objects can be used as props (Dholak, Stick, Drums, Gulaal are allowed). Other props can be used with the permission of event managers.


  • satyam shukla(9118988400)
  • himanshu jaiswal