ROUND:-1 In this round 20 basic electronics and electrical and 10 Aptitude related question will be given. Time provided for this season will be only 30 min. Participant are required to have a basic knowledge of electronics and electrical.

ROUND:-2 Participant who are selected for this round are tested on their knowledge of digital circuitry. In this round 10 digital electronics circuit are given and they are supposed to identify the faults and 10 digital electronics circuits are given in which they are giving multiple output but you have to identify a correct output. For this round 1 hours is given to all participants. ROUND:-3 This is final stage, Selected participant have to debug a circuit which is already made on breadboard. You don"t have to transform all the circuit, only you have to check where is fault in circuit, due to which output will be giving error. Time required for this round is 45 minutes. Event-Task: 1. Every Team should consist of a maximum of two member. 2. Every Team has to register for jnanagni-19. 3. The decision of judges and event organizer shall be treated as final and binding to all. 4. A basic knowledge of Digital electronics circuit is necessary. 5. Any malpractice is strictly prohibited. Event-Judgement-Criteria Round-1 is evaluated based on number of question answered correctly. Every negative answer will be deduct a -ve marks from total. Round-2 is based on the solution and approach to a given question and time taken to complete the solution. This round also have a -ve marking. Round-3 is based on output and time taken to debug the circuit.


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