This competition is to bring out your inner thoughts about anything thatís relevant to you. There is no rule to what should you write or in what form. It can be in the form of a story, a poem, a letter or anything. Participants can write their thoughts in either English or Hindi. The competition has four rounds:

Rules and Regulations

Round 0

Online round
This round is open and without any topics. You just have to write about anything you think about and mail it to
The selectors will decide who will move on to the next round from type of content one has written.

Round 1

Handwritten round
The selected contestants will be contacted through their emails. This will be of two parts where two different topics will be given for 15 minutes each.

Round 2

Group round
The selected contestants from Round 1 will be made into 3 groups. Each group will be given a topic and 30 minutes to discuss and write their thoughts. This round is to see how a participant interacts and presents his thoughts in a group. Every group will get a separate topic.

Round 3

Final round
The winning group of Round 2 will be given a topic and 1 hour to write about it. The best one will be awarded and two other runner-ups.
Money or Happiness.


  • Pratik Pratap Singh(9450903959)
  • Soumya Ranjan Patra(8338870643)