Drawing is the fundamental prerequisite for success in representational painting. There is no way around it. No excuses to be made if an artist wants to be an excellent, or even simply competent, painter. Good drawing is inextricably linked to good painting. Painting is the most elegant way of expressing the notion .Painting show you the another level of thinking apart from this world, sometimes teaches the lesson of life through pictures. This time Jñanagni ,FET welcomes everyone to show their creativity and express their opinion and views through sketching and painting.


  • You have to carry your own painting brushes,geometry box , pencils of different shades,water colours & pallets etc.
  • You are not allowed to use any type of reference related to topic provided for sketching and painting both.

This level will terminates in three stages. Level 1 A topic will be provided on the spot for for sketching which will be same for everyone . This is the Qualifier round .The 50% of contestant will be selected for next round. Level 2 There will a common topic for painting and you have to paint by using water colours.


  • Subodh