Lights Camera Action


  • There will be two Rounds i.e., Round 1 & Round 2 for winning this contest.
  • Round 1 will be going to held on April 15th 11:30 am.
  • Round 2 will be going to held on April 17th 9:30am.
  • For Round 1 you have to pick your own concept & make a short film.
  • There will be special rounds in Round 1 to check the participants acting & creativity skills.
  • The points scored by your teammates in the special round & along with the score assigned for your film will make you to qualify for the Round 2.
  • Candidates will be shortlisted from Round 1 be given a concept and 48hrs of time to submit their next film in 2nd round on April 17th. {Round 2 is a challenge for your creativity levels}

Note :-

  • The Director & Editor should be only in one team (Director & Editor can be same) and Actors can be in multiple teams.
  • Direction & Editing skills plays a key role to win this contest.

For Instruction download the Brochure


  • Rahul Sai (7989825961)
  • Wamsi Krishna (7989939280)