The exhilaration and enthusiasm gets a new Dias in J˝anagni to showcase itself in a contrasting way, the reason is Rock Syndrome. The competition now not restricted to an individual but an entire group or what we call as a "BAND". Every band will put in everything they've got to produce breath-taking and super-exhilarating music to set the stage on fire and driving the audience crazy.


All participants must be registered on the Jnanagni website. It is mandatory for the bands to reach the venue 30 minutes prior to the start of the event to avoid cancellation.

Each band/performers shall have 15 minutes for performing. This duration will include actual performance time and sound check.


  • The bands must be present and signed on site for orientation.
  • Song selection should be such that the lyrics are decent, no vulgarity shall be tolerated.
  • No socially unacceptable behaviour will be tolerated.
  • Violation of any of the above rules will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Decision of judges will be final.

- On basis of the plan\'s practical approach
- On basis of your field work
- On basis of your revenue generation and expenditure plan

General Rules
- All the team members need not be from the same University / Business School / Organization. - Corporate professionals from different companies can form a team together and participate - No changes will be made in the team composition after registration.


  • Team Jnanagni(8877093019)