In this competition, students had to battle it out and prove their endurance in a nail-biting game of football, using the bots they had created from scratch. Each game lasted for five minutes, and players had the option of taking a technical time-out of one minute, should their bots require it. The games kept the audience on edge all the time! Its football time and no-one plays soccer better than the engineers, in their own sophisticated way we hail this event ROBO SOCCER. All you soccer fans hold your breath, as we present to you soccer with an entirely new dimension. So if you are up for the challenge get your manual soccer playing bots ready in order to compete on the biggest stage and bring out the hidden RONALDO , MESSI in you.

For Instructions :-

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  • Amit Kumar(9917141322)
  • Kapil Paliwal(8006287161)
  • Ravi Kant Yadav(7985365744)
  • Ashwin Paul
  • Himanshu