Treasure Hunt

It is an event for those who adore riddles
Stuck behind there hiding, lurking around
It's for them who want a life like Robinson Crusoe
Fascinated by the ideas of Robert Louis Stevenson
It's your get to destination


  • There can be maximum of 2 player in a team
  • There will be no use of technology
  • No cheating of any kind
  • Team members will not split
  • Words of organizers will be final
  • Violation of any rules will result in termination

Description for treasure hunt

There are going to be 2 rounds

Round 1
In this all teams will be given a set of question(riddles). Pen and paper based 30 mins will be given.
Top 5 teams will be selected for round 2.
Round 2 In this all teams will be given a riddle and puzzles and they have to solve it to retrieve another query.
First team to solve all riddles and get to treasure will be winners. College campus is the limit for your hunt.


  • Sharad Verma (8299277145)
  • Rajdeep Kumar